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5G and Satellites: Hope or Reality?

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The much-hyped 5G “network of networks” arrived this decade and media has recently taken to concluding that 5G has not yet lived up to its hype. However, it is still the early days of 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic has… Read More

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Space Sustainability: Is it Too Late?

The panel discussion focused on examining the many dimensions of space sustainability and the possibility that the world may soon pass the point where space sustainability is seriously threatened. Moderated by Victoria Samson of the Secure World Foundation, the moderator… Read More

New Space: Will the Bubble Burst?

Panel discussion focused on examining the risks and returns of NewSpace which has attracted many millions of dollars of investment premised on the belief that companies starting in the segment will ultimately generate profits, attracted a diverse international audience. The… Read More

Satellite and Cloud Computing

Today’s webinar, a lively and informative 70-minutes of moderated dialogue, began with an overview of the factors contributing to the satellite industry’s drive to catch-up with other telecoms segments in its cloud adoption, together with an exploration of the advantages… Read More

Innovation and the Ground Segment

GVF and Connectivity Business News presented ‘Innovation and the Ground Segment’, an hour of wide-ranging, free- and fast-flowing interaction between moderator and our panellists from across the satellite ground segment. As moderator, Tim Farrar set the scene with an insightful… Read More

New Technologies, New Services

By bringing together companies like Astranis, which builds and operates small, low-cost telecommunications satellites with a bandwidth-as-a-service model to unlock previously unreachable markets; like Avealto, which connects unserved and underserved regions, with an infrastructure of lighter-than-air, solar-powered, and uncrewed High… Read More

Satellites and Mobile Communications

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated just how critical, and yet vulnerable, is the global supply chain infrastructure of planes, trains, trucks and ships. It has further illustrated the imperatives of establishing, maintaining, and expanding communications connectivity with… Read More

NGSOs: Not Just for New Entrants

This rescheduled webinar opened with a tribute to the late Simon Gray, whose sudden and tragic passing away on 24 February 2022 was marked by the decision to postpone the event from 24 February to today, 10 March. David Meltzer,… Read More

Spectrum Regulation and Business

With an expert line-up comprising Jennifer Manner of EchoStar, Alex Epshteyn of Amazon, Mohaned Juwad of INTELSAT, and Daniel Mah of SES, this webinar was bound to attract considerable interest in the subject matter of how decisions made on global… Read More

Satellite Industry Trends: A Year to Remember, A Year Ahead

Joining us for the reflections and expectations of ‘Satellite Industry Trends: A Year to Remember, A Year Ahead’ were experts from a diverse group of industry members from Kymeta, OneWeb, Speedcast, and ST Engineering iDirect. Our panellists’ analyses and insights… Read More