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In Conversation with ITU: The GVF Asks…

In the first of three parts to the GVF Virtual Summit GVF Secretary General, David Meltzer, was in conversation with a representative of the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Bureau: Mehtap Dufour, Senior Radiocommunication Engineer with the Satellite Systems Coordination Division… Read More

The Regional Satellite Operators’ Voice

Discussion of many of the pivotal transitionary trends comprising the continuing evolution of the space segment – HTS as the key enabler for long-term data-centric business growth; improved service provision for new market growth segments such as inflight and maritime… Read More

A Regional Perspective on C-Band – The Next Battleground?

The “hot topic” of the use of C-Band spectrum was greatly aided by having a moderator who is a senior regulator of a major satellite market of the Americas and panellists representing satellite operators prominent globally and regionally, along with… Read More

GVF @ ConnecTechAsia – C-band: Today & Tomorrow

Produced for original broadcast within ConnecTechAsia’s online virtual event platform on 30 September 2020, the video recording of this webinar is available here for your further consideration of the prospects of 5G technology – the economics, prosperity, and increased demand… Read More

GVF @ ConnecTechAsia – The Role of Satellite in 5G

Whilst the 3GPP 5G Standard Release 17 has been delayed it nevertheless will provide the confirmation of the setting of the stage for the development and deployment of a truly ubiquitous “network of networks” across the world, including in Asia-Pacific,… Read More

GEO / MEO / LEO – Satellite in the Finance Markets

What better combination of talents to discuss a range of strategic trends and finely nuanced issues pertaining to the financing of satellite and space business than a space sector analyst dedicated to research, strategy, investment banking, M&A, and financing; an… Read More

Serving Underserved Communities

Two elements underpinned the rationale behind this webinar discussion of ‘Serving Underserved Communities’. The first element, the continuing existence of the digital divide between developed nations with advanced communications infrastructures and countries with a poorly developed capacity to secure reliable… Read More