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Connecting Africa to Broadband – Where You Need It, When You Need It

In this two-hour webinar, the programme opened with an introduction from the host, GVF, followed by Intelsat welcoming remarks and keynote address. A panel discussion session followed, Connecting Africa to Broadband: A Roadmap for Inclusive Growth, which began by referencing… Read More

Satellite Networks Solutions: Development & Evolution of Capability & Performance

Satellite technologies are evolving to provide solutions for an ever widening range of applications, from cellular backhaul, consumer broadband, disaster response, enterprise, the Internet of Things, managed services, rural connectivity, satcoms-on-the-move, and yet more as advances in capabilities power the… Read More

Satellite Systems Optimization: The Next Frontier in Size, Weight, and Power

Innovation in electronics manufacturing means that satellite system engineers leverage a wide range of tools to apply to the design and development of highly advanced systems, achieving reduced ground segment form-factors, and reduced space segment launch costs through combining reduced… Read More

Trends and Innovations in Transportable SATCOM Ground Terminals

This Mission Microwave supported Roundtable in the GVF-Satellite Evolution Group (GVF-SEG) online event series brought together some of the satellite industry’s globally recognised leaders in the design, build and deployment of transportable SATCOM ground terminals. These specialised terminals are used… Read More

Beyond 2020: New Applications, New Growth

Opening the GVF-Satellite Evolution 2021 Series, the fundamental and underpinning question for this webinar panel was “What can the satellite industry offer to ensure a better prepared world?” Discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects and consequences of which are still… Read More

Building NewSpace: Enterprise & Application in a Rapid Growth Ecosystem

With this webinar this year’s GVF-Satellite Evolution Webinar Series came to a close. With almost 200 attendees registered, and a 150-strong audience spanning 43 countries, a notable year came to a notable end, with an analysis of NewSpace, or Space… Read More

Airborne Again? The Future Post-Pandemic Mobility Horizon

The backdrop to this latest key themed exploration in the GVF-Satellite Evolution Webinar Series are two surveys related to the aero and inflight connectivity market. One survey, conducted in October 2020, offers us various important insights on the nature of… Read More

Satellite’s Resilience Evolution | Challenging Markets, Robust Connections

In this second panel discussion, Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys; Jack Buechler, VP Business Development & Product Management, Talia; and Nicholas “Donnie” Laughton, Manager Systems Operations LEO, Telesat; with GVF moderator David Meltzer, explored themes concerning satellite’s resilience in the face… Read More

Satellite’s Disruptive Evolution | In Orbit, On Earth

In the first of two panel sessions, the focus was be on satellite's disruptive evolutionary trends on the space segment and ground segment. Featuring David Meltzer as moderator, the panel will comprise Dave Rehbehn, VP International Division, Hughes Network Systems;… Read More

In Conversation with ITU: The GVF Asks…

In the first of three parts to the GVF Virtual Summit GVF Secretary General, David Meltzer, was in conversation with a representative of the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Bureau: Mehtap Dufour, Senior Radiocommunication Engineer with the Satellite Systems Coordination Division… Read More