Working Groups

From GVF’s inception, GVF has established working groups of industry experts drawn from its diverse membership to tackle some of the key issues facing the industry. These working groups have successfully addressed topics such as blanket licensing, terminal type approval procedures, and securing spectrum rights.  Below are the working groups actively working to advance the industry’s interests.

Regulatory Working Group (RWG)

Open only to GVF members, the RWG has for 24 years focused on advocacy before the ITU, regional, and national regulators outside of the Americas region focused on the industry’s spectrum rights and other regulatory initiatives designed to advance the industry’s interests.

Americas Working Group

Open only to GVF members, the GVF Americas Working Group focuses its efforts on regulatory advocacy affecting one or more countries in the Americas region.

Technology Working Group

The brief of the Technology Working Group is to evaluate and promote satellite industry innovations in ground segment and space segment.

Mutual Recognition Arrangement Working Group (MRA-WG)

The objective of the MRA-WG is to develop a consensus-based framework to improve the efficiency of satellite operators’ terminals type-approval procedures. Using this framework, once a type approval is provided to a manufacturer by any one of the participating satellite operators, other operators may mutually recognize the results of the tests conducted during the first operator’s type-approval process, so that the tests aren’t repeated unnecessarily.

#GenSpace – Marketing Working Group

The GVF Marketing Working Group’s task is to increase awareness of innovations across the entire satellite communications ecosystem, and to overcome legacy perceptions about satellite connectivity, amongst new and expanded audiences. The work of the GVF Marketing Working Group is promoted to external audiences via the #GenSpace tag.