Regulatory Working Group (RWG)

Open only to GVF members, the RWG has for 20 years focused on dialogue with government policy and regulatory administrations, and with inter-governmental organizations, to improve the regulatory and market access conditions that facilitate a cost-effective operating environment for affordable satellite-based services. The Group works to develop consensus-based satellite regulatory guidance for governments, liaising directly with national administrations to facilitate the implementation of effective licensing, landing rights, fees, and other elements of regulatory conditions applied to the industry and its customers. The RWG brings together a non-partisan group of legal and regulatory experts from across the globe with members able to share the collective knowledge and expertise of GVF’s global network of satellite industry contacts to keep abreast of emerging regulatory trends and developments in satellite policy.

Increasing demand for spectrum requires proactive technical and strategic leadership from the satellite industry, and the RWG has led, and partnered with, numerous regional associations and governing bodies regarding the continuing need for viable access to spectrum for satellite services. The RWG coordinates inputs into upcoming industry events and members are frequently invited as speakers and panellists to provide expert analysis, providing presentations, whitepapers, and regulatory comments to help educate regulators, and shape favourable satellite policy decisions.

The RWG continues to leverage its global experience with satellite regulation to provide guidance to regulators on best practices for fair, transparent, and efficient satellite licensing policies, taking every opportunity to urge regulators to adopt streamlined licensing requirements, fair fees, and blanket licensing or registration wherever possible, and continuing its advocacy for a global “Open Skies” policy.

In the preparatory period leading to the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23) the RWG is the GVF interface within the Global Satellite Coalition. Contact: